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Francisco Bedeschi is 49 and lives in Patagonia since 1992. He studied and lived in Buenos Aires till 1988. After spending three years traveling and working throughout Europe, he was reading stories from South America that brought his adventurous and romantic spirit to San Martin de los Andes.

At first he worked as a photo journalist for Rio Negro newspaper, and then worked for Clarín, La Nación and some magazines as Noticias and Gente, among others.
It was in 1998 that he moved to Bariloche to work for Perfil newspaper as a correspondent. In 2001 he finished working as a photo journalist and, captured by the beauty of fly fishing, he started producing his first book of photographs, "Flyfishing patagonia, the lake district".
He published books in Patagoina Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay for six years. He also produced some photography work for various companies and farms. He traveled through Patagonia as no one has before, flying to the most remote spots, sailing the most inaccessible rivers and lakes. He became an expert of the region. In 2008 he accepted the challenge of co-directing AIRE magazine.
Currently he is devoting his efforts towards four new book projects, which he will serve as editor for the imprint “Francisco Bedeschi images”. He produces texts for different places from Bariloche. Right now Francisco is working in his master piece, "Ascenso a volcanes de la Patagonia” (Climbing volcanoes in Patagonia). It is the product of his love of Patagonia, and in order to publish it he climbed 18 of the most beautiful and emblematic volcanoes in the region..
He has a daughter, Clara (20) and a son, Francisco Pascasio (11).